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/** advfrm-mailform plugin **/
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    color: #8D8D8D

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Japan Type

必須項目: *の欄は必須です
性別 *



Default Demo


計算のテンプレート advancedform/data/Calc.tpl
CSS JS  advancedform/data/css と advancedform/data/js にあり

A simple demonstration of the template system. Have a look at data/Calc.tpl,
data/Calc.css and data/Calc.js to see how it works. This should give quite some flexibility, if JS is enabled in the visitors browser.


A demonstration of using the custom mail hook to modify the body of the confirmation mail.
An arbitrary text, which can contain placeholders for the submitted data,is prepended to the standard mail. Additionally given fields can be removed from the mail.


必須項目: *の欄は必須です
You can attach a file, if you want.
If you send a password protected zip file, please specify the password here:

A typical contact mail form with some additional fields to demonstrate some possibilities of Advancedform_XH:
- Phone is a custom field; it's value is checked against a custom
constraint (i.e. a regular expression)
- The "...-Info" fields are for output of additional information only
- The date field demonstrates the flexibility through the language strings
'date_order' and 'date_delimiter', as well as the datepicker, if JS is enabled
- A hidden field is included to demonstrate how this is handled
- A "Thanks page" is defined. After submitting the form, the mail is sent
(including the hidden field), a confirmation mail is sent to the submitter, and the thanks page is shown. This will only work, if you have a toplevel page with the heading "Thank you". Otherwise change the thanks page in the form editor.


A demonstration of using the advfrm_custom_field_default hook to automatically insert the name and mail address of a user logged in with Register or Memberpages.


A demonstration of using the custom thanks page hook to display different thank pages depending on the selected radiobutton.
The hook is implemented in and is extensively documented, so you might be able to change it to your needs even without knowledge of PHP.


A demonstration of how to gather submissions for a petition.
After submitting the form it's checked, if a petition was already submitted with this mail address, and if so, the submission will be rejected.
Otherwise the new submission will be stored in Petition.csv for later utilization.
It's easy to display the count of already gathered submissions.
Just put the following function into cmsimple/userfuncs.php:

function petition_count($form_name) {
    return count(Advancedform_readCsv($form_name));

To display the count on a CMSimple page use something in the line of:

Already {{{PLUGIN:petition_count('Petition');}}} petitors!


An order form for a pizza service. It demonstrates the different option fields:
checkboxes, radios, (multi) selects. A captcha is included to protect against spam. As no "Thanks page" is defined, after submitting the form and sending the mail, no confirmation mail is sent. Instead the information is displayed on the same page.


A demonstration of using the custom mail hook to change the sender's mail address and the subject dynamically. The hook is implemented in and is extensively documented, so you might be able to change it to your needs even without knowledge of PHP.
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